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Additional Information

   Reservation Fee  
     - A $200.00 reservation fee can reserve a puppy from either a current or upcoming litter.
     - The $200.00 reservation fee will be deducted from the total cost of the puppy (it is not an additional charge).
     - The fee can be paid by cash, money order, cashier's check or via PayPal. PLEASE NOTE when paying with
       PayPal there will be an additional 3% added onto reservation fee (so it would be $206.00 instead of $200.00)
     - All reservations are non-refundable unless your puppy becomes unavailable for any reason.

   Reservation Picks
     - When reserving a puppy you can reserve a male or a female.
     - Picks of the litter will be first come first serve. For example: if you are the first person to reserve a male
       from a litter you will get to pick out your male puppy first. Then, the person who reserved a male second
       will get to choose their puppy second, and so on. Same goes with females. 
     - After you reserve a puppy you will get to pick out a specific puppy when they reach 5 weeks of age. You
       can do so by either visiting the puppies in person, or through pictures. You may also call us and learn
       about an individual puppy's personality to help aide in your decision. 

   Flying a Puppy
     - We do offer the option to deliver your puppy to you via airlines. The cost for doing so will be actual cost   
       (usually between $300 to $400) Included in this cost is a crate for your puppy to be shipped in for you to
       keep, Veterinarian clearance certificate for the puppy to fly, and the actual plane ticket. 

   Final Payment
     - Full payment is due before you take your puppy home. 
     - You can pay your full balance as early as you want, or when you come to pick your puppy up.
     - When a puppy is going to fly, full payment, including shipping charges, will be due before the puppy will
       be put onto the plane.
     - Payment can be made by Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check or via PayPal. 
       PLEASE NOTE: When paying with PayPal an additional 3% fee will be added to the total cost.